What is pHenomenal water?

pure water is H20 or two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule separated by 104 degrees.

pure water is H20 or two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule separated by 104 degrees.

Hi, this is Shannon. Our world is changing everyday with new ideas and new inventions.

pHenomenal water was invented years ago , but it has taken all of these years to bring this incredible new technology to the market.

Here’s the story… A lot of things have been invented but not for the use the inventor was hoping for. For example I have heard that the inventor of Sticky Notes was trying to invent a super glue and failed but in the process invented the glue for Sticky Notes.

For years inventors have been trying to make strong acids and strong alkaline water for various uses.
Take a look at the photo of the water molecule and notice the hydrogen molecules are separated by 104 degrees. It has been known that if you put water under a magnetic field it will change the positions of the hydrogen molecules on the oxygen.
Also, as you heat or cool water it becomes more stable or less stable.

pHenomenal water

pHenomenal water (or stabilized hydroxide) is one hydrogen molecule and one oxygen molecule. We have achieved this by using heat, magnetism and mineral buffers. It is stable and looking for hydrogen... hydrogen is acidity in it's truest form.

It’s the same with charging water with electricity, in fact you can break the hydrogen and oxygen apart and make hydrogen gas and pure oxygen from water.
It would be an revolutionary invention if you could remove some of the hydrogen molecules from water and yet the water would still be stable.
Up until now the only way to remove hydrogen from water is by using strong minerals that would make the water corrosive and harmful.
What makes pHenomenal special and unique is our patented process restructures water molecules together into a simple compound: it being basically just water with unusual, yet amazing properties.
Our formulation is stable water that attracts Hydrogen ions like a sponge because countless trillions of hydrogen molecules are missing.
pHenomenal water or (a more scientific name would be “stabilized hydroxide”) is one hydrogen molecule and one oxygen molecule. We have achieved this by using heat, magnetism and mineral buffers. It is stable and looking for hydrogen… hydrogen is acidity in it’s truest form.

Certified lab results for neutralizing lactic and uric acid.

You see, we took the acidity out of water and concentrated it to a incredible degree. It is so concentrated that you only need a little bit to make your drinking water more alkaline that has ever been possible in the history in mankind!


pHenomenal water and lactic acid

Tip: you can click on the photo of the lactic acid chart to make it bigger. This chart is from a man named Michael Knowels. Michael had had MRSA for years and been through just about every antibiotic you can name. So this chart will make more sense let me explain, the bacteria that causes MRSA is called a lactic acid bacteria and created huge amounts of lactic acid directly in the blood. This lactic acid can be checked with a lactic acid meter and Michael was good enough to check his lactic acid numbers for us every day for a week. for the first 3 days he went without phenomenal then started drinking it hard to try to get his lactic acid levels down. "Normal" lactic acid is .5 to 1.5 and you will notice he started at 4! A really bad day for anyone would be a lactic acid level of 2.5 and a lactic acid level of 5 to 5.5 is a septic coma so Michael's 4 is a really big deal. You can see that as the month passed his numbers went up and down but if you will listen to his audio he will tell you he had some major stresses and challenges during the month. Over all you can see clearly pHenomenal pushed his numbers down to normal or even low normal even while the bacteria was producing more lactic acid in his blood.

Why should you care?
It’s as simple as this, the more acidity (or hydrogen) in your body the less oxygen you will have.
Our bodies are incredible at getting rid of acidity, we sweat out acidity, we breath it out, our liver converts acidity to keep us in balance. To be totally honest , some people don’t really need to be less acidic because they are in balance.
Sadly in our world of stress, sugar, foods with acidity added to them (hydrogenated oils for example) and bacteria that produces massive amounts of acidity we can quickly get out of balance.

The results of becoming overly acidic can be really, really bad.

The human body needs to be full of oxygen to be healthy, vibrant and our immune systems use oxygen to kill germs, virus and bacteria.
You may have heard of sepsis or lactic acidosis. These are both terms used to describe the body in a overly acidic state. If you get down to the science and chemistry of it , the bodies systems of removing acidity are overwhelmed . The body has too much hydrogen and the blood cannot carry oxygen.
If you will notice these lab results you will see we have had pHenomenal lab certified that it neutralizes lactic and uric acids.
Neutralizing lactic and uric acid in a lab and neutralizing it in the human body are two different things.
This is how we feel it works and what we have done to prove it.

pHenomenal in the stomach

What happens when pHenomenal goes into the stomach? The stomach doesn't always have a lot of acid in it, the acid in our stomach is triggered when we eat or think about eating. If pHenomenal does get to the stomach while there is acidity in the stomach it will neutralize the acidity and the body just make more stomach acid. In short, it goes to the blood to get the hydrogen (acidity) it needs to make more stomach acid. Regardless, pHenomenal is removing hydrogen (acidity) from the body if it gets absorbed or neutralizes stomach acid.

When pHenomenal water concentrate is mixed with water it makes the drinking water stripped of hydrogen’s. This water is stable as long as it is in the bottle and kept away from fresh air.
Why? Because it will actually strip the hydrogen out of the air to get back to H2O.

When the water is drank it is absorbed in the mouth, the esophagus or in the stomach. Regardless of where the body takes it in. The result is , pHenomenal will find hydrogen molecules (acidity) and turn back into normal H2O or water again. Once this water is urinated out the result is there is now less hydrogen in the body (acidity) then before!
Get this… this is a short list of thing that cause acidity or hydrogen in the body. Stress, sugar, fried foods, hydrogenated foods, acidic beverages, and don’t forget the big one… MRSA!
Think of pHenomenal water as the opposite of all of these bad things!

They put acid in your body and pHenomenal takes it out!
The free hydrogen in our body binds with our large pHenomenal water super-molecules and is then easily removed from the blood. As the hydrogen is bound and removed, the blood pH moves toward a more alkaline state (Higher pH).
Is that incredible or what?
Every batch of pHenomenal is tested and approved by Wet Labs. Wet Labs is a Nevada certified analytical laboratory that meets or exceeds RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) standards.Then pHenomenal is bottled by a certified Nevada bottling company that meets all the highest standards of purity.

It’s just concentrated water that is missing hydrogen.
We did add some calcium as a flavor buffer to make it taste better.
Sometimes the calcium can fall out of solution and you’ll see it in the bottom of the bottle so don’t be surprised and think something is wrong with it since it’s expected.
When you mix it with water and drink it, all it wants to do is find free hydrogen and bind it up.

When it finds free hydrogen the pHenomenal becomes a H2O water molecule again.
The net result is: it raises your oxygen levels not by adding oxygen but by removing its biggest enemy…. (drum roll please) Hydrogen!


  1. wendy smith says:

    just wondering if the body goes thru a healing crisis of any sort as the phenominal water starts working in the body??

    • melissa says:

      Hi Wendy,

      Yes, it can. As you may know it is called a Herxheimer Reaction, or a healing reaction.
      That is why we recommend that everyone start out slow with only 1 HALF ounce of phenomenal water on day 1 and 2.The phenomenal cap on the bottle hols 1/4 ounce . Everyone is different and some may be more acidic than others .

      Best in Health!

      Dr. Wolf
      Good Hydration s Inc.

  2. Denise G says:

    I have received my water. A question on mixing. I bought a 1 liter water bottle to use and for now plan on using my filter britta water being I can’t afford distilled water too :) I want to be sure I understand!! If I fill my 1 liter which is about 33.9 oz and use 4 cap full of the PH water that is the right mix, correct? And if I drink a glass of this mix now and the rest a little later in the day is that ok or do I have to drink it all at once in order for it to work best? And to confirm. I drink this only once a day, correct?

    Thanks excited to see if this works. D

    • melissa says:

      Hello Denise,

      Yes, that is correct on the measurements . The phenomenal cap holds 1/4 ounce , so 4 cupfuls will make an ounce in your 32 ounces of Britta filtered water. To be exact, just take one ounce out of the Britta water , then add the 4 cap-fulls. You can drink the solution throughout the day or all at once. It does not matter. How much you drink depends on your weight. Be sure to try and drink your entire mixed solution daily. You should get results. If not , then that means your water is not filtering out the minerals and you would have to add more phenomenal if that was the case or just get distilled. At first, be sure to leave at least a 3 hour window before bed time. Some folks stay awake.
      Hope this helps !

      Best in Health !

      Dr. Wolf
      Good Hydration’s Inc.

  3. Laurene says:

    i want to use distilled water…but the only place I can find it is in the supermarket which is not sold in glass nor bpa free plastic…..will it this product still do it’s job if I drink if I drink distilled water from the supermarket?

    • melissa says:

      Hello Laurene,

      Yes, that should work just fine. pHenomenal will pull out any residual BPA. You should be safe to go :-)

      Best in Health!

      Dr. Wolf
      Good Hydration’s Inc.

  4. vee says:

    be sure to leave at least a 3 hour window before bed time. Some folks stay awake.”

    What is in it that would keep you awake?

  5. Karen Nace says:

    I take a 12oz water bottle to work wach day. I place it in the freezer the night before 3/4 full then add water in the morning so it stays cold most of the day. If i add a cap full along with water in the morning will this affect it at all? Thought i saw that heat/cold could make it less effective.

    Karen..just diagnosed with MRSA this week during 4 day hospital stay due to MRSA.

    • melissa says:

      Hello Karen,

      Thanks for contacting us.

      No. That should be fine.
      Freezing or high heat will not effect pHenomenal at all.
      Its only if one “boils” pHenomenal as evaporation through the boiling will reduce its pH.
      Remember that steam distilled water will work best :-)

      Best for a FULL recovery!

      Dr. Wolf
      Good Hydration’s Inc.

  6. Frederica says:

    When mixing the Phenomenal water with the distilled water, can it stay in a stainless steel thermos throughout the
    time you are drinking it?

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