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All the way to Africa!

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Kerio Valley, Kenya
"If only I could have brought more with me!"
Here is a little experience from one of our friends in the pHenomenal Water Community who took pHenomenal with her all the way to Africa:
"Are you feeling foggy-headed? Maybe your body is sore, tight, and fatigued...
That's how I've been feeling. I was sick for a week with what I think was the flu. You never can be quite sure here in Kenya. (My fault, I wasn't keeping up on my pHenomenal.)
With being sick, exercise or working out is the last thing on your mind, at least for me.
I was finally better enough yesterday to do a light workout, nothing too strenuous or intense; yet this morning my muscles are screaming in soreness and I felt like my brain was surrounded by a thick, relentless haze.
I knew what my problem was! Having been sick and reintroducing exercise into my routine, my body and brain were being flooded with acid!
I ran to mix up some pHenomenal. I could only bring a liter with me on my trip, so I've been using it only for "emergencies". And after almost 3 months, I'm soon to run out, but this was one of those "emergencies".
pHenomenal Water helps with the soreness from not only exercise, but also from all the walking we do (about 6-10 miles a day), as well as keeping me hydrated. I also try to use it as a preventative, if I think I'm at risk of catching a cold or flu.
If only I could have brought more with me!" -Corrina

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