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Are you seeing the signs?

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Recognize the signs!
Over time acid accumulation or build-up in the body's tissues and systems can create destructive imbalances.
The cells in the body are in a sense actually being poisoned as they are starved of oxygen and begin to die.
Cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms thrive in oxygen-deprived environments.
Thus, in an oxygen deprived or acidic body, chronic, degenerative disease eventually takes hold and accelerates.
What may be some signs or indicators that this is happening?
Some signs of acid build-up may show itself with illnesses such as colds, the flu, as well as inflammation, allergies, and rashes.
An acidic body pH also places a heavy burden on the digestive system, and may manifest itself through diarrhea, constipation, and more.
People differ from one another, and each body may have its own specific weakness in any organ system.
These weakened parts of the body are likely to be the first place where the signs and symptoms of disease will present itself.
Of course, if possible, one would like to be proactive or prevent such illnesses from ever taking hold in the first place.
Keeping acid under control will greatly contribute to that end. 
pHenomenal is one tool that will help you in that endeavor. 
To be used proactively before such acid build-up creeps up on you, as well as to be used if you find yourself well past that point.
Are you seeing such signs? Then now is the time to act! Continue your alkaline lifestyle with pHenomenal Water.

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