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What systems do our bodies have in place to help it maintain a more alkaline state so as not to be overwhelmed with acidity?
A variety of buffering systems!
Some medical professionals claim that the human body is able to mitigate the effects of acidity in the body without health consequences; however, other research shows that health gradually declines as the body works harder to remove acid from the body.
Gout and kidney disease are examples of the results of consuming an acid-forming diet, thus proving a connection between food and pH level and supporting the idea that it makes sense to reduce acid formation in the body. 
Fortunately, the body's buffering systems counter acid accumulation by neutralizing them.
The fat buffering system
To prevent acid accumulation in bodily fluids such as the lymph, blood, and between cells (in extracellular fluids), the body uses fat (low-density lipoprotein or LDL) to bind acids and store them if the acid cannot be eliminated through the urine.
If the body becomes overloaded with acids and unable to eliminate them properly, the fat-bound acids may be stored in areas of the body such as the stomach, thighs, hips, or other areas.
The body places the fat-bound acids in these "storage" areas to protect the vital organs; however, this process promotes obesity.
This is just one example of the body's marvelous buffer systems.
Want to learn more about some of the bodies other buffering systems?
But are there signs and symptoms that indicate the body is too acidic?
Find out next time!

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