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Share with us your feedback!

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If you are reading this, then you are mostly likely among our avid pHenomenal users.

For that, we thank you!

And being familiar with pHenomenal, there is no one better than you to share with others how it has helped you and your loved ones.

So would you mind doing us a teensy-winsy, little favor?

Share with us your thoughts and feedback on our pHenomenal Water blog page!

It's quick and simple. Go to the Blog tab and under any of the articles that you prefer, you can post your comments.

An encouraging experience, an intriguing story, or insightful feedback is just what our pHenomenal Water blog needs, and you are just the person to give it!

Imagine others who will be able to benefit from coming across your story, or how your feedback can help us to improve your pHenomenal experience!

Thank you for your consideration. We always appreciate it greatly here in the pHenomenal Water Community.


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  • I began using pHenomenal in my cat’s water to address a longstanding issue she had had with a fungal infection in her ears after being rescued from a home that was infested with black mold. She was constantly shaking her head and grooming her ears, to no avail.

    The sweet kitty was miserable, so I finally took her to a holistic vet who could only prescribe a pharmaceutical liquid that I was supposed to apply for a week into both her ears. After one attempt, she hated the process so much that I could see it was going to ruin what had been a trusting, loving relationship. She was probably getting an awful taste from the medicine as it went down into her Eustachian tubes and throat. And there was no guarantee that it would even work.

    I sat and thought about it for a long time and considered what I know about natural alternatives. I know that a range of fermentive diseases, all the way up to cancers, are discouraged by alkalizing the body. I thought of pHenomenal but wasn’t sure it would be okay to give to a cat. So I emailed Shannon to inquire about whether pHenomenal could be used in pets, and I received a reply promptly from one of his staff that said yes, in an appropriate weight-based dosage.

    So I started putting pHenomenal into my cat’s water bowl and just took a wait-and-see approach. After about three refills of the water bowl, I checked her ears and they both were completely infection-free! After three years of tormenting mold, they were pretty and pink and completely healthy. And it was so easy to accomplish with a little pHenomenal in her water, which she couldn’t even taste!

    I intend to take a bottle of pHenomenal in to the holistic vet and let them know about this discovery. It’s so simple and drug-free!

    Thank you so much for this great product, and for your care and concern for your customers. If it makes such a dramatic difference in pets, it’s bound to be doing the same for us humans. I use it constantly myself to maintain my good health.

    Rita Glover on
  • Hello Chris,

    2 bottles (32oz each) of pHenomenal are roughly 1 month’s supply.

    It’s recommended to start out with mixing just 1oz of concentrate to 32oz of distilled, drinking water.

    Hope this helps!

    Anonymous on
  • Your product sounds awesome but my question is trying to afford this it. 8 gallons would go fast if I was drinking it every day. for me to consume this product properly I would have to spend 300 plus a month on water :( That seems wild. Any advice on how often i need use it and still get good t ogreat reults?

    Chris Petrillo on

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