"I found it at my lowest point." – phenomenalwater
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"I found it at my lowest point."

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Please take a read of these encouraging words from our friend Judie:
"Hi, my name is Judie, and I suffered from a staph infection on my face for over 10 years, which was diagnosed as MRSA last year, after I found that antibiotics did not work for me anymore due to overuse throughout the years.
About 10 months ago, I had large sores all over and I could barely move.
I found the pHenomenal site at my lowest point, called and received amazing advice and support.
I added perfect silver, which is colloidal silver to my routine and changed to a no sugar, no grain, no dairy, low-carb diet, and I only drink pHenomenal Water.
In a matter of months, the majority of my sores had disappeared and my strength and stamina continues to improve each day.
pHenomenal Water has been an answer to my prayers and I thank God everyday for it. Thank you!"
Thank you for sharing your experience with us Judie!
So what about you? Curious to see what pHenomenal Water can do for you?
Don't be afraid to give it a shot! pHenomenal Water is waiting for you!
pHenomenal Water

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