"I was able to enjoy my vacation." – phenomenalwater
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"I was able to enjoy my vacation."

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Read this intriguing experience from our friend Julie:
"Hi, this is Julie and I love pHenomenal.
I’ve been drinking it for years, and giving it to my family. And it gives us energy, and it helps us not get sick.
If we do get sick, then we are not sick nearly as long as before we started taking pHenomenal.
But one of my best experiences with pHenomenal was a few years ago, when I came down with shingles in my right ear.
I was on a family vacation, and one of the side effects that my doctor told me was that the right side of my face could go paralyzed.
So I took the medicine from him, but I also called Shannon, who actually shipped the pHenomenal to me to Disney World where I was on vacation.
I ended up drinking one gallon of the mixed water each day. Because of that I felt great, the shingles never came into fruition all the way.
I was able to enjoy my vacation and not  have any of those complications that I was worried about that the doctor told me about, like the facial paralysis.
Phenomenal has been great for our family." -Julie
Wow! Now, that was super exciting to hear from Julie herself.
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