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Share the benefits, reap the rewards!

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Have you been enjoying the benefits of pHenomenal Water?
Maybe you've enjoyed reduced inflammation and soreness, clearer thinking, more energy, and maybe even some weight loss. Yay!
You probably feel as many have, that pHenomenal Water has helped change their overall health for the better.
If this is how you feel, a congratulations is in order!
We are so happy for you are confident that you will continue in your journey of better health and stamina.
No doubt, with experiencing these benefits for yourself, you've thought of friends and family who could also benefit from pHenomenal in these and other ways.
But maybe you haven't quite been able to convince them to give pHenomenal a try.
We can work together to encourage them!
Here's how to do it: refer your friend or family member through the pHenomenal Rewards Program so that both you and them can be rewarded!
So if you have yet to sign up for the Rewards Program, you can do so now: pHenomenal Rewards Program
To become familiar with how the Rewards Program works check out this video: Rewards Program-How it works!
Once you have your pHenomenal Rewards Program account, it's pretty simple to refer your friend. When you do, be sure to send them the appropriate link through the program. They'll receive $15 off their first purchase.
14 days after their purchase you'll receive enough points to get a $15 voucher for yourself!
Share the benefits you've received from pHenomenal with your friends and family and be rewarded for it! How pHenomenal is that?

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