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Tempted to "splurge"?!

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Lets face it... we don't always make the best choices for our bodies' health, especially when it comes to food and drink.

Sometimes we just feel like "splurging".

(Those burger and fries had been calling your name for days, and that ice-cold beer felt so good going down...didn't it?!)

And we are also approaching that time of year, again, where we will inevitably be confronted with goodies, foods, and drinks that will be too tempting to resist but don't help out in anyway with maintaining an alkaline state.

Is all hope lost forever?

Though we don't always "splurge", sometimes we just do.

pHenomenal can help you even then!

Help offset some of that acidity that comes from your occasional "splurges" by making what healthy or healthier choices that you can and always drink your pHenomenal regularly and continue to do so even after you've ended your bout of treats and goodies as you work your way back into your healthy, alkaline routine. 

Remember, our bodies have their own various buffering systems, but if we inundate it with acidity or hydrogen, then we need to provide it with some extra help, with a boost. That's where pHenomenal comes in!

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