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The body's own buffer systems

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The alkaline salt reserve buffer system

The body uses alkaline salt reserves to buffer acidity. Alkaline salts such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium found in body tissues can be used when the body requires them to neutralize acids. If excess acid is present in the body, these salts can be drawn upon to neutralize the acids by binding with them. The colon, skin, lungs, and kidneys can then eliminate the bound acids. However, if the body's tissues cannot supply the alkaline salts when needed , the body will take magnesium salts from muscles and calcium salts from the bones to restore the balance between alkalinity and acidity. Unfortunately, the process of removing alkalizing salts from the bones can lead to osteoporosis.



The lymphatic buffer system

The body uses the lymphatic system to remove toxins and acidic deposits from its tissues and muscle movement stimulates the lymphatic fluid to move throughout the body. However, if a person is inactive, this fluid is unable to circulate properly and promotes acid deposition and accumulation in the tissues. Circulating lymph fluid that can do its job properly moves the waste back into the blood where alkaline salts must then be used to neutralize the acids.

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