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Your thoughts are important to us!

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You are pHenomenal, you know that?!
So we want to continue to provide you what you need as a valuable part of the pHenomenal Water Community.
For us to do that, we need to hear your thoughts!
Please don't forget to share your feedback on our pHenomenal Feedback Blog page.
This will help us to continue improve our products and services.
We love hearing from you!

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  • I would like to give a testimonial. Eight years ago I was desperate. I had a wound which displayed/exhibited signs of a tick bite. When I went to the hospital I tested positive for MRSA. I was given multiple prescriptions of antibiotics, and I began to exhibit signs of other ailments. I became desperate for “a cure” I found your website and being a biologist, these products made bioligical sense. Asking physicians, and nurses, during two other MRSA wounds, no-one had heard of this philosophy, no-one! .. so I hesitated in purchasing as it is quite expensive, compared to inexpensive antibiotics. When I broke out a fourth time, still on antibiotics, I borrowed the money, used the water and gel, ditched the antibiotics and never had another outbreak! One year later I had surgery on my ankle and when asked if I’d ever had MRSA I replied yes, was tested, and when the test results came back I was pronounced MRSA free!!! Best money I’ve ever spent, sorry it took so long to thank you….THANK YOU!! STILL MRSA FREE!!!

    Stephanie Nageotte on

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