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Fomes fomentarius

A message from Shannon Brown:

Thank you for accepting my gift of this bag of Amadou mushroom powder. In this time of change the people around you in your life need you to be strong so thank you for taking care of yourself.  I have some advice about taking care of yourself and how to be strong but first let’s talk about the tea.

How do you make the Amadou tea? You can simply buy empty teabags (usually available at an Asian market or online) or easier still cut open any teabag, take the existing tea out, fill with Amadou then close the bag back up and use it like a regular teabag. Personally, I just used a stapler to close it but you can also use a paperclip. 


The goal is to use each teabag until no more color comes out, at that point you know the mushroom inside is used up. You are one of few people who has this tea so you need to make this bag of Amadou last as long as you possibly can so reuse your tea bags until they are completely done then use it a little more maybe with a fresh teabag.

How much should you drink? That’s a very good question and honestly, I don’t know the answer. I’ve researched clinical trials for people with viruses and taking Amadou but it’s hard to figure out the dosage.
I know that for saving the bees it takes very little to boost their immune system an incredible 1400% against the virus from Asia that is killing them so personally I think 1 to 2 cups a day is plenty.

Will any mushroom tea work? There are lots of ready-to-drink mushroom teas on the market but I was never able to find and Amadou as a ready-to-drink tea.

My point is we’re not simply trying to drink “a mushroom tea”- we are specifically trying to make a hot water extraction from the Fomes fomentarius, also known as the Amadou mushroom, because of its specific ability to boost the immune system against viruses.

Rishi mushroom powder is easy to find in health food stores and online as I mentioned in the video. I and everyone in my family currently is taking 3 grams per day.

Will drinking Amadou tea and taking Rishi mushrooms boost your immune system against viruses? I honestly think it will and in this crazy world it sure can’t hurt. The science of boosting the immune system of the bees is solid and very well established and there are clinical trials in humans but this corona virus is too new so there is no data and there certainly hasn’t been enough time to do a study.

I wanted to get these bags of Fomes fomentarius (Amadou) out to people as fast as I can because it’s the best science I know and the best way I know to protect yourself. Is it clinically proven and FDA approved against the corona virus?  Certainly not but at the moment nothing is and it sure can’t hurt.

You have a choice in this time of change, you can give into fear and uncertainty or you can be strong and take on each day with confidence. You can make a difference in the lives of the people around you or you can be a burden. You can decide to be strong so be strong and take care of yourself mentally and physically.

Here are some tips.

It’s good to be informed but news drives fear and uncertainty. Personally, I treat the news like I would handle a rattlesnake. It will bite you and is better left alone. If you do get wrapped up in the news only take what you need to be informed, then leave it alone. Some people let the news slither though their homes and over their phones and computers all day long; this is not healthy or productive. It has been shown that news networks very carefully craft the bright, flashing graphics to make every minute seem like something you can’t turn away from and you dare not miss the “coming up next” and that only increases your stress.  Stay positive and don’t let someone else tell you how to feel. If something is truly important during this crisis, you will find out about it.

Eat well! Don’t give into eating whatever you want especially during a lockdown. A bad diet causes you to be sluggish in both mind and body and this is a time to be strong, awake and alive- not getting fatter and in a food coma. Don’t turn to food for comfort.  Go for a walk (staying 6 feet away from others, of course).

Take your vitamin C! There is no denying we need vitamin C and the benefits to your immune system are so well established they can’t be argued. I had a doctor tell me once “we are all in low grade scurvy because we simply don’t get enough vitamin C in our diets”. I take 1000 milligrams in the morning and 1000 milligrams at night. It’s cheap and easy, the only challenge is remembering to take it.

Stress causes acidity, acidity causes inflammation, inflammation causes pain, fat and a weak immune system. First mentally decide now how you are going to deal with stress and change and it will be easier to handle. Simply decide right now you are okay with change and the stress that comes with it and you will handle it as it comes. (You should re-read that last line)

Water flushes away acidity and not to self-promote but adding pHenomenal to your water removes acidity thousands of times faster than water alone. You can prove this to yourself by simply weighing yourself before you start drinking pHenomenal. Most people lose several pounds in the first week when drinking pHenomenal. That weight is inflammation or acidity the body has been holding on to and when you give the body a chance to get rid of the acidity the body will get rid of it as fast as it can because the body knows it’s toxic.

We have several “acid enemies” right now, namely: uncertainty, stress, fear, lack of movement, food because there’s nothing else to do but eat... do I need to go on? It seems strange that something as simple as drinking water with pHenomenal in it will change your mood, reduce pain boost energy and make you feel lighter but it absolutely will. I would honestly say this even if I didn’t have anything to do with pHenomenal. If you already drink it you know it makes you feel better and if you’ve never had it there’s no better time to boost yourself up.

I hope I can continue to get you this mushroom tea and I hope we can keep manufacturing pHenomenal. At the moment the fulfillment centers we use are low on inventory and it’s almost impossible to find bottles to put it in. Happily, I did find some bottles (different size and shape but it’s all they had so I was happy to get them) and they are on the way to the bottler. So if you regularly use pHenomenal, don’t be surprised if you receive a different type of bottle than you’re accustomed to.

Who would of thought it would be hard to find toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bottles. It’s an interesting time to be alive.

In this time of change please be strong, be good to other people, do your part by staying away from people, try not to watch the news all day, eat well and stay alkaline.

Thank you.


PS. One last thing: I heard a quote from a very wise man about how to have the best life you can. Simply ask yourself “what is the greatest good I can do?” Then go do it. If you ask yourself that question the answer is completely different for each one of us.

Life is not about you or me it’s about serving other people to the best of our ability and that’s where contentment comes from. We are at our best when we’re not thinking about ourselves but thinking about other people.

I’ve been trying to live and think this way (not easy) and that quote is the reason you have this tea in your hands. You can do massive good in this world and make it a better place so figure out what it is and go do it :-)

- SB