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B-pHree Gel (32oz)

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Let me explain why you need B-pHree gel.

I had a client named Matt and he was doing great for a while but then he had another round of boils. Oh man! He was disappointed and so was I.

I agonized and thought about it for about a week. Then I finally discovered that for a boil to form the bacteria travels down the hair follicle and sets up the immune reaction under the skin.

When I realized that Matt’s boils came back because his skin was still acidic because he hadn’t balanced inside yet, it gave me an idea.

I made a gel to cover the entire body that will kill all bacteria on the skin on contact. That’s right-bring the bacteria into total submission!  That's verified by an independent lab here on our site under the "lab reports" tab.

The good news is it only needs to be used until you are balanced on the inside, which is usually 1-2 months. It uses pH to kill the bacteria without using anything toxic.

It is designed to be used right before you shower and then rinsed off. When you step out of the shower use a fresh towel, clean linens, clean clothes etc. The idea is now that you have used the B-pHree gel to cleanse your skin of Staph you would like to stay that way as long as possible.

Once your body has a more balanced pH from drinking pHenomenal you will not have to worry about your skin being so acidic.

So B-pHree is your wickedly effective jump-start to wellness!

The active ingredients are proprietary high acidity, low caustic concentrate, thickening agent, organic orange oils for fragrance and 5% isopropyl alcohol as a preservative.

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