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Cleanse your body now!
New & improved 12% Stronger

pHenomenal water reduces toxins & damaging acidity. Our patented process restructures water molecules together into a proprietary compound that is basic water. Our formulation is stable water that attracts Hydrogen ions like a sponge.
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Oxygenate and Feel Great! Removes excess hydrogen that causes the body to be acidic.

New & Improved Version - 12% Stronger! - Save BIG - makes many Gallons of Alkaline Water. Mixed 11+ pH solution is shelf-stable for years.

It raises your oxygen levels not by adding oxygen but by removing its biggest enemy.... (drum roll please) Hydrogen!

Every bottle of pHenomenal is tested and approved by Wet Labs, a Nevada state-certified analytical laboratory that exceeds RCRA standards.


What people are saying about us...

"Having pHenomenal has helped change my life for the better"

"pHenomenal water has been an answer to my prayers"

"I know positively that pHenomenal water was giving me an oxygen increase and a boost"

"Hopefully the word will get out their and everyone will start using pHenomenal and get healthy"


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What is pHenomenal? In less than 4 minutes discover the secret to alkalinity and how it can change your life.