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Healthy and Happy… Welcome to the pHenomenal Family!

Photo of Jim

Jim- "I just feel better every day using.  I have a better energy level and life is good!"

Photo of Ashley

Ashley- "Even with a prescription and diet management I had to sleep sitting up due to acid reflux. After about a month of pHenomenal was able to ease up on my prescription and eventually stop it altogether. pHenomenal has changed my life for the better and I can't recommend it highly enough."


Jade- "I drink it first thing in the morning, it wakes me up and gets me going."

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pHenomenal works in an entirely different and more efficient way than other alkaline products. It literally removes acidity instead of adding alkaline minerals to the body. Our patented process restructures water molecules into a proprietary compound that attracts Hydrogen ions (acidity) like a sponge. One ounce of pHenomenal Concentrate added to 32 ounces of your water makes 11pH, the most alkaline product on the market.

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