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FAQs: How to Use pHenomenal, Shipping & Guarantee

What is pHenomenal and how is it made?

Here’s the shortest explanation: It is pure water that has been transformed into an acid “kidnapper”.  It is regular water, H2O, (2 hydrogens, 1 oxygen) that is missing 1 hydrogen.  Inside your body it seeks, finds and binds with free hydrogen molecules stored in the body (which happen to be acidic). Once bonded (or “kidnapped”) it is now back to water (H2O) which you eliminate through urination.  Because of that, you may notice that you urinate more frequently than before drinking it and that- ultimately- is why many people experience a 2-4 pound decrease in their weight in the first week.

The unique manufacturing process involves heat, magnetism, and mineral buffers. The result is a stable liquid that is quite alkaline- yet not dangerous. If you get pHenomenal from the bottle on your skin, it will not hurt you, as would lye or caustic soda.  

how pHenomenal works

How do I mix pHenomenal?

The dilution ratio for pHenomenal is one ounce per 32 ounces of drinking water.  If you do not have an ounce measure handy, grab a tablespoon: there are two tablespoons in a liquid ounce.  The gallon size of pHenomenal comes with a pump that dispenses one ounce per pump.  The pump needn’t be locked down after use, it is considered a sealed container.

What do I mix pHenomenal with?

You will receive the most the product can provide by using distilled water as distilled water should always be a neutral pH (7). Using distilled water ensures that you will get a mixed 11pH. If distilled is not available the next best option is reverse osmosis. A less-desirable alternative would be highly mineralized water such as what has gone through an alkaline water machine having had sodium, potassium, calcium and/or magnesium added to the water. Well or city water that is "hard" (leaves mineral deposits behind) would fall into the category of "mineralized". Of course the least-desirable to mix pHenomenal into is water that is even slightly acidic and for this reason we suggest that you test the pH of whatever water you will use for mixing and do not assume it is neutral (even distilled water made at home can be less than 7pH and sometimes very much so).  It takes many more "parts" of alkalinity to neutralize just one "part" of acidity so knowing you are truly using neutral/7pH water will ensure you are not wasting any product.  For example: if the water you mix pHenomenal into is 7pH, the result will be 11pH but using water of even just 6pH means you will need to use twice the pHenomenal to get to 11pH. This product will provide results with any water- including tap water if nothing else is available- it's simply the degree of effectiveness that varies. We do not recommend mixing with ozonated water as it reduces the effectiveness of pHenomenal. 

How should pHenomenal be stored?

Both the concentrate and mixed solution must be kept in a sealed container.  Any container (glass, plastic, stainless steel, etc) is fine as long as it has a tight-fitting lid.  This is because air contains hydrogen and with time it will bind with the pHenomenal, reducing its efficacy.  It is not necessary but feel free to refrigerate your product- neither heat nor cold will change it.  Both the concentrate and mixed solution are shelf-stable for years so you do not need to consume it within a short period of time.

How much mixed pHenomenal do I drink?

The rule of thumb is 32 ounces of mixed pHenomenal per 100 pounds of body weight.  For first-time users we recommend mixing it half-strength (1/2 ounce to 32 ounces of water) for the first few days then move up to regular dilution.  It is perfectly fine to drink more pHenomenal than your weight determines, especially before and after exercise as it reduces lactic acid created during exertion.  We would not recommend drinking more than twice the amount as determined by your weight in one day. 

The more pHenomenal water you can get past the stomach and into the small intestine for absorption into the blood stream, the better! To realize the most benefit we recommend drinking it on an empty stomach as an empty stomach contains only a negligible amount of acid. That said, the ideal time to drink a large portion of your day’s intake of pHenomenal would be first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything else.  Wait 15-20 minutes before having your breakfast to allow the optimum amount of pHenomenal to pass into the small intestine before "waking up" your stomach with food.

Having your pHenomenal first thing in the morning might not work for everyone. If you have eaten something, it’s best to wait about two hours before having pHenomenal so that the stomach acids will have subsided. Some people take pHenomenal on an empty stomach before bed. This works for some people. However, if you get a burst of energy- and you may- you might not be able to get to sleep as quickly as usual. Everyone is different. Find what works best for you.


Can I mix large amounts at a time, days in advance?

Certainly. pHenomenal’s pH will not change if it is pre-mixed just make sure it’s in a sealed container.


What is the shelf life of pHenomenal?

You will find an expiration date printed on each bottle. However- there is no true expiration date as long as it stays sealed in the bottle.

Why is distilled water the best choice? 

Distilled water is the best choice because it is pH-neutral, 7pH.  At the recommended dilution ratio of 1:32, you will always be sure to attain the 11pH.  Using distilled water takes out the guesswork.  You MAY use any other filtered water as long as you know it is not acidic (any number lower than 7pH).


Does baking soda or an alkaline water machine provide the same results as pHenomenal water?

pHenomenal will neutralize five hundred times more stomach acid as will baking soda. Therefore, to match the effectiveness of pHenomenal, one will need to utilize a tremendous amount of baking soda compared to pHenomenal and doing so would create a risk of excess sodium absorption.

Alkaline water machines can certainly be beneficial. However, the water molecules you get from ‘Top of the Line’ alkaline water machines (costing up to $4000) have not actually been changed to become alkaline. They are simply being ‘rearranged’ as they attach onto electron-charged minerals added to the water. That is not a natural state for minerals to exist in. So eventually, the charge wears off the minerals- usually within hours or at most a day or two. Then those water molecules will return to their natural state… plain water and minerals. In addition, no alkaline water machine on the market is capable of producing a pH close to pHenomenal.

Will pHenomenal will help with gout?


We cannot give advice about medical conditions because we are not licensed to do so. Gout is a painful medical condition that requires a Doctor’s attention. 

With clinical analysis, your Doctor can determine the exact details of your condition. This is important because your condition may not be gout, but something else. In addition, different types of gout that are treated differently. Once the details of your condition are known your Doctor can suggest a treatment plan for your exact condition. It’s important for you to learn your condition.

Everyone has some amount of uric acid in their blood. Excessive amounts and its eventual crystallization is clearly what can lead to gout.  We believe pHenomenal water could help a person with excessive levels of uric acid in their blood. Why? Because when pHenomenal water gets into the blood, it goes after blood acids like a ‘heat seeking missile’. It reacts with acid and converts it to water. pHenomenal has been lab-certified to neutralize uric & lactic acid; copies of the tests are available here on our site.

We encourage anyone with gout to discuss the use of pHenomenal water with their Doctor. You should be sure it is appropriate for use with your specific gout condition and any other medications you might be taking. We are happy to discuss pHenomenal water with your Doctor as well. We frequently do this.


Does pHenomenal water react with stomach acid?

The answer is absolutely… if there is acid in the stomach. However, when pHenomenal ‘reacts’ with stomach acid, it simply turns it into water. This reaction is not the best scenario because the pHenomenal has done its job in the stomach, not in the bloodstream.

Many people believe their stomach ‘sloshes’ with acid all day long. This is not the case. It’s true that our stomachs do remain slightly acidic when empty. However significant amounts of acid only get generated when foods (or other things that need to be ‘broken down’) enter into the stomach. Consider this: drinking pure, distilled water, with no minerals or particles, does NOT stimulate stomach acid generation. Miraculously, the stomach knows this. Pure water passes through an empty stomach very quickly (15-20 minutes). It then enters into the small intestine where it is absorbed into the bloodstream as needed. 

That’s why we recommend diluting pHenomenal in pure, distilled water and drinking it on an EMPTY stomach. Point: the more pHenomenal water you can get past the stomach and into the small intestine for absorption, the better. 

Is pHenomenal used in a cancer treatment?

It is in fact a required part of a 4-part protocol for a treatment called "Salicinium", a treatment which has reported great success with every cancer type. The company that created the Salicinium molecule has determined that since pHenomenal literally removes acidity rather than alkalizing a body by adding alkaline minerals, the treatment yields superior results when used in conjunction with pHenomenal.  For more information on the oral version or to be referred to a Doctor or Naturopath who administers the IV treatment contact them at (425) 454-7319.

Can I exercise while drinking pHenomenal?

Absolutely, in fact it’s one of the fastest ways to get rid of acidity. In fact, these guys exercise for a living and love to drink pHenomenal during their workouts:

Can I mix pHenomenal with lemon?

No you cannot. Please follow the mixing instructions and do not add anything else which may neutralize the pHenomenal. If you have a sweet tooth or would like to vary the flavor of your pHenomenal, consider trying one of our flavored concentrates.


Can I take my mineral supplements with pHenomenal?

Yes, mineral supplements can be taken with pHenomenal but since there's the risk of the stomach recognizing the need to digest them, think of them as food and space your pHenomenal around them as you would food.


Can I take pHenomenal with antibiotics or any other prescribed medication?

We do not have any reason to believe pHenomenal will interact with any medication nor have ever had anyone report to us that it did.  However- as the body begins to function properly with the burden of excess acidity removed medications and treatments may need to be adjusted.  If you are under a physician's care consult them prior to beginning pHenomenal and inform them of any changes in symptoms that might require alteration and/or discontinuation of prescribed medications. 

Can I administer pHenomenal to someone on dialysis?

In our experience, pHenomenal definitely helps with the oxygen in the blood and overall health. Please consult your doctor and just administer the amount according to the mixing instructions.

Is pHenomenal safe for infants and children?

Based on our experience and research, and provided that mixing instructions according to weight and label instructions are followed and reasonable care is exercised, pHenomenal can be used safely for infants and small children.

Is it safe to breastfeed while taking pHenomenal?

Provided that mixing instructions according to weight and label instructions are followed and reasonable care is exercised, pHenomenal can be used safely when lactating. According to our research, pHenomenal removes excess hydrogen from the body and is excreted via the urine only.


Can I safely give pHenomenal to my pets?

Provided that mixing instructions according to weight and label instructions are followed and reasonable care is exercised, pHenomenal can benefit pets as well. We would suggest giving them small amounts during the day versus leaving it in their water bowl all day since interaction with air (since it contains hydrogen) will decrease the effectiveness of pHenomenal over time.

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