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What is pHenomenal?

What is pHenomenal?


That’s a really good question. The short answer is it’s the fastest way of removing toxic acidity from your body and is therefore a unique and exciting way to purify your body and life.


How does it work? 


Everyday water is made up of a balance of acid and alkaline but we have removed part of the acid side of water and that's what we call pHenomenal. 


pHenomenal is incredibly concentrated alkaline water that you add to your regular drinking water and when you drink it pHenomenal binds with acidity in your body and removes it. 


pHenomenal is not...


pHenomenal is not the same as water from an alkaline water machine or alkaline water from the grocery store. pHenomenal is thousands of times stronger, is less expensive and has no added minerals for your body to deal with like the alkaline waters in stores. 


Lab tested :

pHenomenal has been independently lab-tested and proven that it takes acidy out of the body. (See the lab reports here.)


What will it do for you? 


* Reduces inflammation

People commonly report losing a few pounds in the first week of using pHenomenal.

Why? Because the body holds on to toxic acidity in the form of inflammation. 

Drink pHenomenal and lower inflammation! 


* Less Pain

pHenomenal can't help all pain but pain is commonly caused by inflammation which makes us sore and tired- so when you drink pHenomenal you will feel better!


* More Energy

This is a big one: you need to be full of oxygen (alkalinity) and have low acid levels to be full of energy. Drink pHenomenal and feel the energy!


* Cleans your blood

Our blood is the most intimate part of our body and by flushing it with wonderful alkaline water your body will give up toxins and crud making your blood cleaner and healthier!

pHenomenal’s goal is to cleanse your blood and make you better!


* Lowers your acidity

pHenomenal's simple reaction of binding acidity in your body and neutralizing it, leaving you less acidic, can easily be tracked by testing your body's pH. Drink pHenomenal and be less acidic!


* You can exercise more or harder

If you want to work out harder with less effort pHenomenal will do this for you- your blood oxygen level will increase while pHenomenal is neutralizing the lactic acid your exercise creates. Drink pHenomenal and get more out of your workouts!


* Recover faster

When you exercise and “feel the burn” you are feeling acidity (lacitic acid) in the muscle. That's a good thing but we would all like to recover from that burn faster and pHenomenal works to help you recover faster... try it. Drink pHenomenal and recover faster!


* Reduce lactic acid

This is a lab-tested fact that pHenomenal neutralizes lactic acid. 

This helps you recover faster and perform better. (See the lab reports here.)


* Reduce uric acid

Uric acid is the cause of gout and pHenomenal is lab-certified to reduce or eliminate uric acid very quickly. 


* Most people report it quickly stops or eliminates heartburn and acid reflux.

Both acid reflux and heart burn are caused by too much acid. 

pHenomenal removes acid from the body and its very common people report pHenomenal reduces or eliminates heart burn and acid reflux. Try it, you’ll be amazed!


Try it now!

pHenomenal will help you feel better and live life healthier! When you buy pHenomenal water today you can be assured that if for some reason it doesn't help you, we are happy to refund your money back. With our 60-day money-back guarantee there nothing to lose except the cost of shipping. So what are you waiting for? Buy phenomenal today!