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$12 OFF Right Now!

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Oxygenate and Feel Great!
Get $12 OFF on your next pHenomenal Water order!
    Today I woke up feeling not so great, but now I'm out here on my back patio enjoying the awesome spring weather, and realize it is just a gorgeous day! Life is great!
    Our days certainly don't always start out as well as we would like them to. Whether it's because of aches and pains, fatigue, or a terrible night's sleep, we may wake up feeling, well, like CRUD! I hate when that happens!
    When this happens, which unfortunately, seems to happen more often than I like, it is especially on those days that I have to remind myself to reach for that pHenomenal. It may not fix all my problems, but it sure will help with the energy and endurance I need to face whatever comes my way.
    I hope you had a better start to your day then I did, and whether you did or didn't I want to give you a little something, just because! I appreciate your continued support and interest in pHenomenal and the pHenomenal Water Community immensely! It cannot be overstated!
    Please accept my gift of this coupon: CUT12 that you can use on your next pHenomenal Water order. You'll receive $12 off* on orders $85 or more! This coupon will expire on Saturday, May 14th at 11:59pm PST.
Get your $12 off on pHenomenal RIGHT NOW!
*Good only with orders $85 or more.

Valid through 05/14/2016

Not valid for recurring orders, or with discounted products.
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