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Who's Feeling Stressed? Raise Your 🖐️. Also, it's Savings Time!

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According to experts, these following things cause stress.  Call us crazy but our guess is in the last month you've had one, if not all of them:
- Depression or anxiety
- Anger, irritability, or restlessness
- Feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated, or unfocused
- Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
-Racing thoughts or constant worry
-Problems with your memory or concentration
Completely understandable considering the current issues we're experiencing, right?
The problem is that stress causes a metabolic reaction
that literally increases acidity.
As individuals there's not much we can do to completely control the current situation but we can control the acidity it's creating.
Take advantage of this discount...and, as always, take care.
Save 11% (on ANY product) available with code ACIDCONTROL valid from
12:00pm Wednesday 04/15 through next Sunday 04/19 11:59pm PST.
*Applies to regular-priced products only, cannot be combined with other coupons
*Not valid for use on sites other than www.phenomenalwater.com
*Cannot be applied to orders with physician/healthcare professional pricing

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