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Kick Acid With This!

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    "Are you sure you want to eat that? Are you sure you want to drink that?"
    We or even others may ask us these questions just as we are about to bite into a nice, juicy, fattening burger or sip away on a delicious, and sweet beverage.
    But why do you or others do that? Why do we ask ourselves these questions?
    Really, it comes down to the question of whether we want to accept and deal with the consequences of eating that burger or sipping that drink, right?
    Let's face it, the foods and drinks that appeal most to us, are usually what's not the best for us health-wise.
    No doubt, we try our best to stick to good eating habits, and exercise. But with the occasional indulgences, is there something that can help offset the harm?
    Often what we 'indulge' in can flood our bodies with acidity which can ware on the body and slow us down. What will help flush out such acidity?
    Acid's worst nightmare! pHenomenal Water is the real deal to help your body flush out acidity and toxins that we often expose ourselves to through our choices in food and drink.
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