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Do you care?

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Do you care about your family and friends?
Do you care about your work or hobbies?
I'm sure the answer to these are a resounding, "Of course!"
We all love and cherish our families and friends.
We are dedicated to and enjoy our work and hobbies.
What about this one..."Do you care about your health?"
Right off the bat, we may quickly exclaim, "Yes!"
But sometimes our lifestyle and health choices might say otherwise. :(
It's doesn't always feel easy or even at times "convenient" to make the best choices for our health. And let's face it, sometimes it might even feel boring.
But think of this! Is it "boring" to feel good and have energy? Is it "boring" to be able to focus and work hard? Certainly not!
These are things we wish we always had! So don't despair. Though it's not always easy to make the best health decisions, we can gradually improve!
Take one day at a time, making each choice better than the one before; whether it's what to eat or not eat, whether to exercise or not, how much to drink or not, etc.
As we get use to making better choices, we'll become more aware of what foods, drinks, and activities have good affects on our health, and which do not. We'll be more conscientious of what we allow our bodies to consume, recognizing more of what it needs and what it needs to stay away from. 
We may see the need that our bodies have for more oxygen and less acidity or hydrogen and the good effect that has on us physically, mentally, and emotionally!

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