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Don't settle for plain and boring!

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Need a little "kick"?
"Drink more water!"
You have no doubt been told that occasionally by concerned relatives or friends, or you may have even told yourself.
It seems simple enough: just drink more water because it's not only good for you but it's what your body needs.
Why does it seem to be such a challenge for many of us to do just that? 
We are surrounded and distracted by the plethora of drinks available on the market today. From "energy" drinks, to coffee, tea, soda, etc. We may find these more tempting and maybe even easier at times to reach for than a boring bottle or glass of water.
If we always give in to these tempting drinks, in time we will feel the affects on our energy, health, stamina, and weight.
Is there a healthier and more enjoyable option to reach for?
Of course there is! Not only is a glass of water exactly what your body needs but there are ways to make that water more enjoyable and work even better for you.
This is where pHenomenal Water Flavors come in!
If you need to add a bit of a "kick" to your water, try one of our three flavors: Yummy BerryLemon, or Sweet Tea.
You don't have to give into the tempting sugary, caffeinated drinks out there, or settle with just plain, boring water!
Make your water pHenomenal with pHenomenal Water Flavors!

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