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How does it compare?

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Peter and Shannon compare pHenomenal to other high pH water products

How does pHenomenal Water compare?
There are many alkaline water products on the market today.
So how do you know what will really work best for you?
How does pHenomenal Water compare to other popular alkaline water products? What makes it different?
Watch this intriguing video interview between Shannon Brown, inventor of pHenomenal Water, and Peter Greenlaw. 
Peter is a respected researcher, author, speaker, and guest on various national news programs.
In this video they discuss what makes pHenomenal Water different and unique from many other popular alkaline water products available on the market today.
Want to learn more? Check out more informational videos on Peter's site! 
Also, be sure to check out this video with Peter and Shannon discussing the importance of oxygen in combating stress!

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