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I need your help!

Posted by pHenomenal Water on

I also need to get some guilt off my chest.
I've had pHenomenal Water now for a number of years.
But I have been feeling like there is this gaping hole in my pHenomenal world, like something is missing.
I've realized what that is, and also realized you are among those who can help to fill that hole! 
Let me explain my predicament; please take just a few minutes to watch my first video above providing a short explanation.
Then if you are interested and want to learn more and how you can help, move right on to my second video below:

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  • I stumbled onto pHenomenal a few years back via a google search for any recent news about MRSA, and at the time, your website was able to say that drinking pHenomenal would help with, if not destroy staph, including MRSA. I assume you caught flak from some “agency”, and had to “cease and desist”. I look forward to following your progress with this new effort, and of course would steer anyone that might meet your criteria, in your direction. Keep us posted.

    Sam Hahs on

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