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Let us know how we're doing!

Posted by pHenomenal Water on


Learning about what you and our other customers need helps us build our products.

After all, no one knows what is best for our customers better than you!

Simply leave your feedback in the comments box. We will be able to review your feedback and work to address it!

Thank you!

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  • Found this product after contacting MRSA in hospital ,antibiotics were destroying my insides ,kept reading online , found few thing that worked but kept returning . Started using products and drinking water every day few weeks later sores were healing ,Body started feeling better inside and out , still drink water every day ,buy it gallon at time from Amazon free shipping with Prime ,so save me few dollars , I tell everyone about this, at gym lot people love not being so stiff and sore after good work out !

    Michael OSullivan on
  • I love Phenomenal Water as well. I began using it maybe a year ago. I don’t have MRSA but I understand the benefits of drinking higher PH water. After using the product during the first week or so I noticed I lost about 5 to 7 lbs. I also noticed my breath wasn’t as bad. My mouth wasn’t dry anymore.

    I experienced brand new energy that maintained itself all day. Whenever I awoke in the morning, I was not sluggish nor lethargic. Another benefit is the product causes you to crave more water. I notice I drink more water than normal. I was ready to get up and start my day. These benefits lasted while I continued using the product.

    To be sure that I was sure about PW I took a break from using the product, maybe 3 months. I began purchasing high PH water from the grocery store. It wasn’t the same, my body just didn’t react the same. I felt run down all day, no energy, just tired all the time.

    I recently started back using PW and have regained my youthfulness again. Great product!!!

    Stacey on
  • 29 Jan 2018
    Hi Shannon…..remember me?
    About 4 years ago I had systemic MRSA and MRSA in the hip. I have been well since. I eat fairly healthy. However I think our society and environment seduces us to eat wrong and slowly our bodies get acidic again.
    I am not there but want to prevent that by boning up on alkaline water. Yours is the best.
    And I thank you for helping and supporting MRSA victims. It is a ugly problem.
    Hope you and your family are doing well.

    Marlene Beggin on
  • Phenomenal Water has changed my life! I had severe digestive issues for years and it has been an important part of my healing. I drink it everyday, and now feel being more "alkaline " has given me the tool I needed to keep going. Can’t imagine starting my day without it!

    Jen on
  • Hi, Love your product. It’s very therapeutic for my digestive system and makes it easy to drink the 32 oz. a day (or more). I buy the Yummy Berry. Also, I was hopeing you would produce the Chocolate Covered Raspberry again. That was my alltime favorite.

    The discounts are very much appreciated, too.

    Audrey Jacobs

    Audrey on

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