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Stupid Simple! 12% Savings

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"That sounds stupid simple..."
What if you could develop any super-healthy habit in just one night?
What would it be?
Exercising, eating healthy, positive thinking, or just quitting bad habits?
What about the "habit" of drinking enough water that your body needs each day?
"Mmm...sounds stupid simple, and not so impressive," you might be thinking.
True! It is something small and simple.
But one small, healthy change in our life and habits can overall do so much good!
Add to that simple habit of drinking water regularly, a work horse, that makes your water, well, pHenomenal, then you have the possibility of even greater changes in sight!
Because now you are assisting your body to remove the damaging acidity that is holding it back from being all that it can be.
So here's my gift to you this week! 12% discount on your next pHenomenal Water order. Please enjoy!
12% Discount Coming Your Way!

When you use the code: PHLIFE
Expires Friday, August 19, 2016

Coupon does not apply to Ebay, Amazon, Subscrptions, or Doctor Orders
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