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Spencer’s Gel (4oz)

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What is Spencer’s alkaline gel?

This gel is fantastically alkaline, as the name suggests. It is intended for those that have open MRSA wounds or folliculitis. So not only are you strengthening your body tremendously from the inside out with pHenomenal but also from the outside in with the Alkaline gel.

It is lab-certified to kill staphylococus areus on contact.

Here’s the story, I invented this gel when I saw my friend’s massive open MRSA wound. He had had it for 2 and ½ years!

I racked my brain trying to solve the problem. But then it hit me…

An MRSA open wound is nothing more than an acid burn!

The bacterium has produced so much acidity that it starves the surrounding flesh and skin of oxygen creating a condition called “Necrosis,” causing the flesh to die.

This is how my logic went:

If the problem is a bacterium producing too much acidity and deteriorating the skin and flesh, what if you are able to put something that was massively alkaline on the same area?

Not only could the bacteria not thrive or ferment, but the immune would very quickly move back in, destroy the runaway bacteria and heal the area.

It took me a while, but I invented a gel for my friend to try on his leg. The result?

A few days later he called me and said, “In three days I’ve grown a 2 ½ inch patch of new skin with the gel!”

Isn’t that terrific! I was excited!

This gel is not a preventative for Staph or MRSA nor is it to be used as an anti-bacterial cleanser. It is designed for a pre-existing skin problem caused by acid loving bacterium. It removes the acidity allowing the immune system to have unbelievably devastating effects on the bacteria and allowing the body to heal. Also depending on your body and how much acid is in your system it may take longer for your body to heal.

The active ingredients are proprietary high alkalinity concentrate (non caustic), thickening agent, organic lemon oil as fragrance and 5% isopropyl alcohol to keep it from spoiling.

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