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So you own an super-expensive alkaline water machine.  Find out how you can turbocharge what you get from it. Our patented process restructures water molecules into a proprietary compound that attracts Hydrogen ions (acidity) like a sponge.  Learn how this unique product works and can actually get you better results from the water your machine already makes. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee since 2004.


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"If you want to get control over your pH there is no better way than pHenomenal.  I don't have soreness."
Lance Dreher

"At 61 I train in Krav Maga and know for a fact it increases my energy level and gives me an energy boost."
Michael D.

"I know positively that pHenomenal water was giving me an oxygen increase and a boost"

"It enhanced my distance running, I performed better with weight training and healed up faster"


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How pHenomenal Benefits Athletes by Eliminating Lactic Acid Created During Exercise.  Click below:


                              Acid in Fat & How pHenomenal Removes it  From the Body.  Click below:

Is pHenomenal a Cure for any Disease?  Click below: