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Remove Lactic Acid with a unique product that also happens to be the highest pH product on the market, 11pH.

pHenomenal combats lactic acidosis in an entirely different and more efficient way than other alkaline products.  It literally removes acidity instead of adding alkaline minerals to the body. Our patented process restructures water molecules into a proprietary compound that attracts Hydrogen ions (acidity) like a sponge.  

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"If you want to get control over your pH there is no better way than pHenomenal.  I don't have soreness."
Lance Dreher

"At 61 I train in Krav Maga and know for a fact it increases my energy level and gives me an energy boost."
Michael D.

"I know positively that pHenomenal water was giving me an oxygen increase and a boost"

"It enhanced my distance running, I performed better with weight training and healed up faster"


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