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Are you getting the MOST benefit?

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Are you new to the community of phenomenal Water or have you been drinking pHenomenal for sometime?

Either way, you may be wondering if you are getting the greatest benefit you can out of your pHenomenal Water.

Your answer to that will most likely depend on how you are using pHenomenal Water.

So I just wanted to remind you of the answers to some of these common questions about the use of pHenomenal:

Question 1: "How do I mix pHenomenal Water properly?"

Answer: The dilution ratio for pHenomenal is one ounce per 32 ounces of drinking water. If you do not have an ounce measure handy, grab a tablespoon: there are two tablespoons in a liquid ounce. The gallon size of pHenomenal comes with a pump that dispenses one ounce per pump. The pump needn’t be locked down after use, it is considered a sealed container.

Question 2: "What do I mix pHenomenal with?"

Answer: You will receive the most the product can provide by using distilled water. The more minerals or total dissolved solids in the water you mix it into, the less effective it will be. If distilled is not available...(Read more)

Question 3: "How much pHenomenal do I drink?"

Answer: The rule of thumb is 32 ounces of mixed pHenomenal per 100 pounds of body weight. For first-time users we recommend mixing it half-strength (1/2 ounce to 32 ounces of water) for the first few days then move up to regular dilution. (Read more)

You can visit our FAQ page to find out more details and answers to further questions about the use of pHenomenal.

We want you to enjoy and receive the greatest benefit possible from your use of pHenomenal, so be sure to keep up to date with how to use pHenomenal Water properly!

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