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Why are you on the run?

Posted by pHenomenal Water on

I want you to envision this...


You are alone in a thick, dark forest.

There does not seem to be a clear way out.

You know you are being followed, pursued by someone that wants to capture you.

Once they capture you, they'll make it as if you never existed.

They will continue to do this to more and more who are just like you.

Why do they want to do this to you?

You make it your life's work to make people feel miserable.

In fact, you've put many people's lives at risk.

You are pervasive, you are everywhere, it's hard to escape you.

The one chasing you is the good guy.

Now, he's found you...


So what are you?

None other than the infamous culprit know as "hydrogen", acid for short.

You make people feel pretty lousy on an everyday basis.

When you're out of control, you've even risked people's lives, and some sadly, have succumbed to your power.

And who is pursuing you?

None other than the powerful pHenomenal!

When it finds you, it neutralizes you back into H2O, to make it as if you were never there!


So watch your back acid!

pHenomenal Water

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