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STRESS and acidity- Is there a connection?

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Are there non-dietary factors that can contribute to acid build-up in the body?
Toxins such as heavy metals, pharmaceutical medications, chemicals, pesticides, plastics, food additives, viruses, and bacteria can create acidity or acidosis in the body.
Our precious bodies are also constantly coping with acidity that forms as a result of metabolic activities, exercise, cellular breakdown, and even breathing.
As a part of life we all face stress. How we each respond to stress in our lives can also have a profound impact on our health.
Many don't realize how their emotional state is impacting their health, and that the physical body responds to emotional and mental activities.
When experienced over and over again, negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, excessive worry, and hate all take a toll on the body by lowering immune function and creating exhaustion.
Being exhausted and burned out from stress and emotional overload creates acidity in the body and deprives our cells of the oxygen and nutrients they need to function normally.
It's not surprising then that many suffer from high levels of acidity.
A body in a chronic state of acidosis sets the stage for chronic, degenerative, and autoimmune health problems.
Therefore, our amazing bodies try very hard to maintain alkalinity and use buffering systems that prioritize organ functions and cellular activities to preserve life.
What are some of these buffering systems?
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